opensourceCM has been providing powerful SaaS contract management solutions for well over a decade, built on the rock-solid opensourceCM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and a commitment to end-to-end customer service. During engagement, we work with you to customize your opensourceCM account to support specific corporate processes, workflow structures, terminology and lingo, and specific industry regulation and requirements. At the conclusion of the process, it takes less than 48 hours to transform your entire contract portfolio into an easily managed, strategic resource for company success, with unlimited training and support.


OpenSourceCM aims to transform your contract management lifecycle with a platform that is simple to use, adapts easily to your processes and organizational structures, and enforces best practices. A simple, intuitive interface keeps everyone in the organization, from Contract Manager to CEO, in touch with contract deadlines, responsibilities and business intelligence, to maximize contract revenue, minimize costs, and ease compliance

The Company

openSourceCM started in 1995 with a focus on software products to help investment bankers understand highly-complex contracts and deals. The technology we developed became the foundation of the openSourceCM Contract Manager. Since then openSourceCM has helped many small, medium, and enterprise-scale firms gain control of their contract processes, gaining a thorough understanding of contract management requirements in a variety of industries

The Team

At openSourceCM, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously, with a particular focus on sustainability and education. Our platform supports a paperless work environment, and is designed to enable businesses to perform more efficiently and thus save energy. We ourselves choose to integrate green initiatives into our daily lives at work, but we aim farther than just our own habits and routines. We offer our platform as a free service to organizations whose cause we feel strongly about. We currently offer our products and services free of charge to:


Non-Profit Organizations dealing with sustainable living issues (read more)
School Districts and Councils in the United States (read more)

If you belong to such an organization, or know someone who does, and want to know more about the benefits of a Contract Management solution, we urge you to contact us. Remember, we are not trying to sell you anything! We are more than happy to meet with you to explore the impact our software-based service can have on your organization’s effectiveness.

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