The Advantages

Our platform can be tailored to your company’s business processes, using your own industry standards, and jargon


Advanced API Libraries 


opensourceCM platform API libraries are tailored to the clients application requirements, and allow it to work as a chameleon in the client's environment.

Events and tasks with notification​​

Track dates and events to keep on top of your commitments and obligations. Every document loaded onto the system can have as many alerts associated with it as needed, regardless of whether it is a master agreement contract, or any of an assortment of related supporting documents. All alerts are displayed within the calendar and the contract’s profile. Sync with Microsoft OUTLOOK. Any other item on the calendar such as manually entered tasks and events can have as many alert reminders as needed. Alert recipients can be selected from a predetermined individual list of company employees or by role. In this way if there is a change in company positions, alerts can still go to the correct person

OCR, INDEX, elastic-search 

The opensourceCM platform was designed to cater to a broad scope of users and industries. Advanced OCR in 192 languages and the INDEX cluster can find any word anywhere in the repository, the results take the user directly to the right paragraph. Coupled with metadata search for all fields in the database like dates, values, currency or a PO from netsuite financial program.


SaaS solution benefits are seen immediately. All software and hardware is hosted by opensourceCM servers on the AWS (amazon web services) cloud. Scaling up or down is effortless, and the system can handle Gigabit bulk automated uploads. Backup and recovery are included. 

Need to add a hundred new users? No problem. No Maintenance and Support Fees. System is always updated to the latest version. IT resources are maintained by opensourceCM. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a fraction of traditional software, no need for tech support, and because it is subscription based - it's a very predictable investment

Comprehensive workflow


opensourceCM offers an unlimited workflow templates included. Approval, review, with automated notification system of alerts to events and tasks. Now your team is "in the know". It can be used as any required internal business process. Workflow also available in the VDR (virtual data room).

Secure Repository
Advance Access Rights management
encryption and Audit Trail.​

opensourceCM folder tree include a secure access to the document level. The access rights management allow admin, deny and read only or full access. The setup is easy and is done together with the implementation team. A complete audit trail on every file or user activity on the platform.


Unlimited "termsheet" or metadata views and templates, version for HR contracts, finance contracts, sales or marketing they all track different data. Feature rich environment for efficiency. 

Easy to use and flexible knowladgebase interface

A CLM platform's true value can only be measured if it is put to good use. To that end, great effort has been put into the openSource platform so that is offers rugged, easy to use tools which are easy to learn, and operate on a daily basis.The translates into high user "buy-in" and acceptable, which means our solution is actually used, which is frequently not the case with competitive solutions. A simple to understand, and intuitive interface leaves very little room for error. Basic and Advanced search tools with common task shortcuts ensure that contracts can be found in no-time, even if there name is completely forgotten.


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