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The Problem of Flawed Construction Company Contract Management (2 of 2)

If you are a construction company, a general contractor, a sub-contractor, an HVAC or other specialized construction company or an engineering firm, Part 1 discussed some of the bigger challenges that result from flawed construction company contract management. In Part 2 we’ll dig deeper into other issues and look how comprehensive contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions can keep you on the straight and narrow and help you to avoid missed opportunities, lost business and onerous penalties. Perceived Capabilities Several issues make construction management, and by association construction company contract management, more challenging than ever. One big issue is, recognizing that constru

The Problem of Flawed Construction Company Contract Management

How much is flawed construction contract management costing your construction company? Are you losing $100K annually? $10 million annually or perhaps more and don’t actually know how much? Realistically, if a solution can save even $1,000 annually, but dramatically improve risk management and operational efficiency, it’s something worth investigating, correct? Especially if it can be implemented quickly, is highly intuitive and delivers fast ROI? The Challenge of Managing Complexity Managing construction projects is inherently complex, with a host of unanticipated events that can turn even the best laid plans on their head. If you are in the construction business, you clearly understand that

Leveraging The Environment with Contract Management

Filling the Box. Leveraging environment with openSourceCM contract management, it’s a bit of a different animal. The reason why you selected the Box platform to consolidate all of your content services within a single environment is clear. The benefits are tremendous. Having a single, secure solution for all of your content, with an ability to control access, sharing and collaboration provides huge leverage and cost savings to the enterprise. The myriad of silos that once dominated your IT landscape are gone, but everyone who needs access to content has it, with the security both you and IT requires. What content can Box manage? Well, pretty much all of your content. But, is there ad


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