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Avoiding Unnecessary Contract Negotiation Delays with the “Deal Room”

Getting to the metaphorical contract negotiation handshake can be long or short, relatively easy or painfully difficult. Whenever a contract is negotiated, the negotiation process is burdened by things that are out or our control. Will it be balanced? Does our counterpart care about win-win? Will it be predatory? Will it be truthful? Will unfair contract terms be imposed as a result of the size and economic strength of the other party? This is a partial list of the many things that make contract negotiations challenging, and perhaps even impossible to control. The ability to intelligently manage what can a highly complex process can easily be the difference between a successful negotiation

Reduce Healthcare Contract Management Complexity

Physician, heal thyself. How healthy is your contract management process and oversight? Do you understand the long term financial impact of not treating your condition promptly? Complexity - A Chronic Illness That Can Be Managed Beset with enormous complexity, from privacy and HIPPA issues, to compliance auditing, to unrecognized chronic underpayments, to contract negotiation lost opportunities, inefficient management of contracts comes down to achieving better operational efficiency and ultimately to reducing healthcare contract management complexity. Frequently without well-defined end-to-end processes, and with many providers continuing to support the legacy of 20th century business metho

Working Without a Contract Management Template? Emulating Rube?

Ruben “Rube” Goldberg was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer and inventor whose cartoons popularized how simple tasks could be executed in indirect, complicated and convoluted ways. Rube left his mortal coil in 1970, yet 50 years later, he continues to be synonymous with the ability to take something well understood and make it overly complicated. On the other end of the spectrum we have the K.I.S.S. principal, as in Keep It Simple Stupid, espoused by our armed forces as the best way to manage any processs. It all makes sense. The less complicated the item or process,the fewer the number of parts or steps and the more structured it is, and greater the likelihood of success. S

Contract Management Issues with Time to Come Clean?

You have standardized on Isn’t it about time you learned about contract management issues? Isn’t it time to come clean, to air dirty the laundry? So, what are the contract management issues with In a word (OK, in a few words). THERE ARE NONE! Box is an exceptional, highly functional, highly secure, collaborative file sharing environment. It is a premier Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that was not developed to handle the unique demands of Contract Life-cycle Management (CLM). So how could it be that there are no issues? Working in Lock-Step Operating in the Cloud as it does, Box does not need to natively offer exceptional contract management capabilitie

A Slippery Slope: Limitations of ECM, CLM and GRC Modifications

Can Contract Life-Cycle Management (LCM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions be modifed to replace the functionality of the others. All share some of the attributes of the others, but each possess unique capabilities that cannot be easily accomplished by any one solution. At one time it was thought that the best way to solve ECM needs was to purchase an ECM suite from a single vendor that provided all the necessary modular functionality required by a content management repository. While this “holy grail” of ECM was originally believed to be achievable, today enterprises recognize that while core ECM functionality can be delivered broadly,


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