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CLM Helps Drive Enterprise Savings and Reduce Inefficiencies

No Panacea Saavy CEOs are constantly looking for tools and methodologies than can make their organizations more efficient, that help reduce costs and drive incremental revenue. In this age of widespread business automation, many vendors purport to offer their solutions as a panacea, a salve to solve the most nagging enterprise problems. If CEOs have learned anything over the last 2 decades, it is that often the most appealing solutions can be a nightmare to implement, and it is rare that the hoped for results are ever achieved without the requisite pound of flesh. This is true in most instances. Interestingly, some well-behaved Contract Life-Cycle Management (CLM) solutions can deliver impre

How General Counsels Benefit from Contract Life-Cycle Management

A Corporate Leadership Role The modern role of a General Counsel (GC) is both as a corporate lawyer and a business executive. General Counsels are no longer limited to a reactive role overseeing litigation farmed out to law firms, but instead are key members of the corporate decision-making team. For many, they find the job unmatched within the legal profession, both from the demands placed on them and the rewards they receive. The job offers enormous opportunities for innovation, leadership and decision-making at the highest levels—especially as companies have gone global. Over the last 20 years the role and responsibilities of GCs have changed remarkably. The Speed of Change As the speed o


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