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Spurs Contract Execution Was For the Birds

There are a number of sayings that could apply to the following story. “A job’s not done until the money’s in the bank”, “A contract isn’t binding until signed by both parties” or “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”….. or perhaps some other oft cited colloquialism. The National Basketball Association tipped off its 2013-14 season off last week and the San Antonio Spurs—last season's Western Conference champions—are ready to defend their conference crown and take another shot at an NBA title with their core group of players. The expectations are high in San Antonio this year, particularly when you consider the effort the team put in to bring everyone back. Spurs shooting guard Manu

Why Simply Digitizing Documents Isn't The Be-All End-All

Digitizing documents doesn't necessarily mean they will be more easy to manage, but through the use a variety tools and strategies, they can be. Removing the burden of having to search through stacks of papers to find specific information can help, but if digital files are scattered throughout different machines and locations within your business, you may not have made management any easier and may have even made it more difficult. The Challenge of Widely Distributed Documents You may think you know that the document you are looking for is stored on someone’s computer in your office or even on a server with a shared drive, but what if your office has 50 computers and multiple share drives?

Even After High Turnover, CLM Solutions Can Keep Everyone On Track

High Turnover Cited For Palo Alto Contract Woes Failure to properly oversee and record utility work performed in 2009 may have cost the city of Palo Alto, California, $281,000. Flawed Contract Monitoring According to the San Jose Mercury News, the city hired Casey Construction, Inc. for trenching and underground electric work. According to a report from the City Auditor's Office, there were several flaws in the way the service was both monitored and recorded by Palo Alto's Utilities and Administrative Services departments. The audit suggests there is no proof that work that was paid for was appropriately planned and then carried out, inviting the potential for fraud. The city has been advise

Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions Improve Business Workflow

Most business owners and executives understand that the efficiency of their organizational work flow is important to the success of their business. The fact is, delays simply cannot always be anticipated and are unavoidable. Events will occur that we cannot plan for that take us off task. Whether their impact is significant or minor has everything to do with whether we can easily return to well-defined, predetermined procedures, after an interruption is no longer present. Not having a disciplined work flow can negatively impact operations and hinder productivity. In the case of contract management, maintaining strong work flow is crucial, as contractual documents and agreements typically co

CLM Solutions Can Help Solve Contract Leakage

No organization wants to experience contract leakage, but without the proper utilization of resources, it can happen. Contract leakage occurs when actions go against contractual agreements and obligations. These can include buying from a non-contract source or buying non-contract items. If the incident in question is serious enough, it can cost the involved parties thousands of dollars in penalties, lost discounts or in reparations. Need for Contract Awareness Tools Most of the time, this has nothing to do with a particular employee intentionally operating outside of the bounds of a contract, but rather a lack of tools to facilitate contractual awareness. Perhaps buyers aren't aware of which


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