20 users at $480/Month, or $5,760 annually (DEEP DISCOUNT OF 42.40% STANDARD PRICING).

Small businesses can get help from opensourceCM, for example to realize all the potential revenue from a contract, or realize all the potential liability from a contract. They can receive not...

Free for Not-for-Profit companies and School Districts.

  1. Non-profit organizations with efforts designed about sustainable living. If you think your organization might somehow be eligible, and please feel free to contact us.

  2. U.S. School Districts who could benefit from contract life cycle...


Now that you can provide IT services, security and consulting and can solve your many clients IT needs and requirements. opensourceCM white-label platform will allow you to manage services like a CLM application to create and manage the clients contract. The contract life-cycle that will...

This blog is about white-label CLM (contract life-cycle management) system with company brand, internal processes, audit and control.

This is what clients tell me about what they are looking for in a white-label contract management platform:

  • Customers take control with Tracking features, notifications, verification and audit, language support, secured and easy to use, search "inside the documents" and in their database based on...

November 13, 2018

In virtually every business scenario, ranging from procurement to contract termination, a pending workflow can hold back an entire process and is, unfortunately, so often the norm.

October 25, 2018

opensourceCM – stay on top of your contracts

A state of the art solution to manage your contracts or any other meaningful documentation.

Service Providers

Contract management SaaS services are a great addon to the software and data services you may be providing. Whether your company is a medium or larg...

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