Being an enterprise level product that can also easily scale to the small business , opensourceCM contract managment has a long, and varied features list
Customizable Contract Profile

The power of our platform rests on its ability to generate unique contract profile templates (Term Sheets) that match your specific business processes, and are tailored to the requirements, and jargon of your industry. The contract profiles hold the most critical data regarding your contracts such as: start and end dates, awards dates and contract value, milestone reminders, relevant stakeholders and much more. This data drives the system’s reporting tools, and sits at the heart of its ability to control risks, generate critical business management intelligence, and improve your bottom line. opensourceCM enables users to create any number of these templates and then edit them with ease

Monitoring, Alerts & Calendar

Track dates and events to keep on top of your commitments and obligations. Every document loaded onto the system can have as many alerts associated with it as needed, regardless of whether it is a master agreement contract, or any of an assortment of related supporting documents. All alerts are displayed within the calendar and the contract’s profile. Sync with outside calendar and see any other item on the calendar such as manually entered tasks and events that can have as many alert reminders as needed. Alerted recipients can be selected from a predetermined individual list of company employees or by role. In this way if there is a change in company positions, alerts can still go to the correct person

Search, Flexible Reporting

The opensourceCM search and reporting was designed to cater to a broad scope of users and industries. Advanced customization allows the users to tailor the platform to their own, in-house work processes, as well as, industry specific terminology and standards. As a result, the quality of the search and reports created by the platform is outstanding. Most companies create their own reporting templates, and we help drive this process during the deployment process. However, even a simple term sheet search, or inside the document search can be turned into a powerful report that can be exported into different formats. Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically on a regular basis, they can be saved and sent to a list of predetermined recipients

Access Rights and  Security

 As a software-as-a-solution platform, (SaaS) opensourceCM incorporates the most stringent,

industry standard security settings and procedures


Access Rights

With opensourceCM contract management you have total and full control over who sees,

edits or executes your company's contracts

On Demand Delivery

SaaS solution benefits are seen immediately. All software and hardware is hosted by opensourceCM on our servers in the cloud. Scaling up or down is effortless, and the system can handle Gigabit bulk automated uploads. Need to add a hundred new users? No problem. No Maintenance and Support Fees. System is always updated to the latest version. IT resources are maintained by opensourceCM. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a fraction of traditional software, no need for tech support, and because it is subscription based - it's a very predictable

System Tools

opensourceCM offers an assortment of features designed to fulfill our obligation to ensure your ROI, and enhance your company's bottom line. Compliance is  a necessity in many cases, but also goes a long way to enhance an organization's credibility. The opensourceCM audit trail feature offers both SOX compliancy, and 100 percent accountability. You know who did what, where, and when at any given time. Productivity is one of our system's key goals, and is enhanced by features such as, 24 hour global access using any browser, quick system response time, and a sleek intuitive interface that significantly reduces the learning curve involved with platform deployment

 Intuitive and Easy to Use​ Tools

A CLM platform's true value can only be measured if it is put to good use. To that end, great effort has been put into the opensourceCM platform so that is offers rugged, easy to use tools which are easy to learn, and operate on a daily basis.The translates into high user "buy-in" and acceptable, which means our solution is actually used, which is frequently not the case with other solutions. A simple to understand, and intuitive interface leaves very little room for error. Basic and Advanced search tools with common task shortcuts ensure that contracts can be found in no-time, even if there name is completely forgotten

Virtual Data Room (VDR) Functionality for M&A

As a software-as-a-solution platform, (SaaS) opensourceCM Efficiently managing the review process associated with M&A, Loan Syndication, Private Equity and Venture Capital transactions, with the need for thorough due diligence and keen attention to detail. opensourceCM VDR, available as a service or embedded as a part of its standard product, offers key "deal-room" functionality that every acquisition transaction requires; easily managed communications with direct hyperlinking to documents , document review, comprehensive audit trail and more. opensourceCM VDR provides the opportunity to maximize the value of every transaction to its fullest


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