Large, complex projects

Easily track and fulfill contract deadlines, commitments, and obligations to maximize contract revenue and minimize costs
Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions
FM&A comprises activities that many different companies may undertake; all depend on an efficient, secure, and compliant contract management platform. The granular rights management, full audit trails, and strong security of the OSCM3 platform make it particularly suited to these applications
Large healthcare insurers and providers may have thousands of contracts with a variety of clinics, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other facilities. The terms of these contracts are fundamental to the payer-provider cycle, and are re-negotiated on a regular basis to control costs
The media industry moves too fast to be shuffling paper. Its highly collaborative nature requires rapid, secure contract access and sharing, so media companies look for flexibility and control in their contract management platform
Education institutions deal with many different kinds of contracts, with vendors, contractors, faculty and other educational institutions. All of these contracts embody risks and opportunities, payments and revenue that require efficient oversight
Contracts are the lifeblood of publishing. The number of relationships these contracts encompass grows daily as the Internet and mobility supercharge consumption of the written word by both business and consumer users
For over 50 years Williams-Sonoma has been the America's premier retailer of specialty home furnishings including Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm. With over 500 stores, eight catalogs, three ecommerce websites and 1,000's of vendors, managing contracts is a critical issue.
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opensourceCM has had the privilege of providing services to a long list of businesses from various markets. Our accumulated experience has endowed us with a deep understanding for the different needs that are unique to a large variety of markets. The following are a few customer case studies that exemplify our ability to serve a diverse range of businesses from different industries. The case studies can be about Virtual Data Room, RFI RFQ RFP bidding system, Document Management Platform, Contract Management Software, Contracts lifecycle.


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