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Better World Initiative – Leading and Doing Our Part

Here is what we see...

Our world changes quickly and we desperately need to begin to change the way we think about ourselves, each other and the world we share. We believe we have a stewardship obligation and a choice. We can either decide to work together and help each other, or allow self-interest and malaise be the foundation of our society’s guiding principles. We think not.

The Role of the Corporation.

Building and growing a company is not just about making money. Certainly, making money is important, but it is only one part of a much bigger picture. In a world of uncertainly, non-accountable governance, global economic pressures, joblessness and diminishing resources, it is not just governments that need to solve our world’s problems. Increasingly enterprises (and we as individuals) need to step up and lend a hand to help solve society’s and our planet’s woes. Whether we like it or not, living on this pea-sized world in a vast universe, we are all in this together. For now at least, there is no other place to live, no other place to go, except here. Either we work together to make our country and our world a sustainable place to live and to raise future generations, or we will eventually circle the drain together, until the world as we know it is no more.

The World’s Resources Aren’t Limitless

As little as 30 years ago, our global population was blissfully unaware of the true frailty of the world in which we live. Some would argue that in large measure that situation continues to exist today. They would be right. Simply put, thirty years ago either we did things without thinking about the consequences or we ignored the consequences, knowing that someone else would have to deal with the mess we created. Any logical person, with any amount of intelligence, would quickly conclude that this approach makes little sense. It is lunacy. We are the three monkeys: one with his hands over his mouth, another over his eyes and a third over his ears. Ignorance, lack of awareness and lack of resolve is something that we can no longer afford. Our economies are fragile and will continue to be so. Our natural resources are finally acknowledged as limited and are quickly being depleted, the bounty of our oceans is being pushed to the breaking point and across the world the lack of access to clean water is appalling.

Education Under Attack

Our public schools, once the envy of the entire planet, have been marginalized by budget cuts, program reductions, staffing cutbacks and larger class sizes. While the ability to get a great public education in America is still possible, getting a good education is more elusive than ever for a growing populace. Under funding of our schools has reached epidemic proportions and many of those that future generations will need of rely on as stewards and caretakers of our world and society, will simply not receive the tools and education required to contribute strongly and to lead. Few would argue that the future of our world depends on our children. It depends on their ability to cope both with the problems we have left them and new problems they have yet to encounter. We must not fail our stewardship of our children, for in them lies the future.

What Can You Do?

As individuals and businesses what can we do? What should we do? At a certain level any substantive solution will likely require sweeping change, a disruption of such magnitude that we are finally woken out of our stupor and we do something dramatic, something atypical, something truly accountable and responsible. Why is it that we only act responsibly when our proverbial backs are up against the wall? It makes no sense to operate in this matter, yet it is what we do. What can businesses do? The answer is two-fold. Businesses need to do something, anything and they need to do what they can.

The Better World Initiative (BWI)

In an effort to lead by example, in 2012 openSourceCM launched the “Better World Initiative” (BWI), a program specifically directed at providing our business solution opensourceCM, a Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) solution to select US Public School Districts and to non-profit organizations focused on creating sustainability, at no cost to them. Our rational is this. If through our efforts we can make these organizations more efficient and effective, then the limited resources within which they must operate can be repurposed. They can be repurposed to be directly applied to sustainability initiatives and to making the world a better place, and they can be repurposed to allow greater resources to be applied to learning. Will our meager efforts change the world in major ways? Will they make a meaningful difference? Our efforts alone cannot not, but if other companies, businesses, enterprises and individuals each did something meaningful, we believe we could make the world a better place. Not overnight, but over time.

How it Works

Here’s how BWI works. If you are a public school district, or a non-profit involved in sustainable living and you wish to improve your business processes related to managing your contracts, as a way to become more effective and efficient; if you want all of your contract documents to be instantly accessible in a secure central location to the appropriate people; if you want to be able to search, summarize and report contract data or quickly search for any term, word, phrase, language or value within hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of documents and instantly get hierarchical results, linked directly to the exact page where it occurs; if you want to be able to get alerts and reminders of important contract dates and events and keep those in the know, in the loop, we’d like to speak with you. It is likely you could qualify for the BWI program. Better, easier management, better staffing utilization, improved efficiency, better organization or documentation, no missed dates, better contract yields…. all for free.

School District Disbelief and Irrationality: Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop

It is well known that any time you give someone something for free, it is immediately devalued, and that anything for free involves “a catch”, as in “what’s the catch”. These two beliefs effectively hobble school districts into inaction. Rather than adopting BWI, using it and seeing the benefits it brings, districts are consumed by suspicions of ulterior motives, lulling them themselves into inaction and indecision. So let me state explicitly; there is no ulterior motive, there is not waiting for another shoe to drop. The licensing, the training, the customization and the management are completely free, no strings attached.

How Fast is Fast?

As soon as we get your go-ahead we move quickly, very quickly. We upload and process thousands of your documents overnight, associating your meta data with then; we build your workflow, your folder structure, your term sheets and your reports. We train your people and….. you are up and running with a functional system within 2-3 days. How can we afford to do this? The answer is simple. Our solution is so simple and intuitive to learn, it is so easy to navigate and configure and the support requirements are so minimal, we are willing to apply some of our resources to do good things; good things for our schools, good things for the planet. It’s our way of giving back. It’s our way of saying thank you.

Call Us

If you are a US Public School District or a non-profit focused on sustainability, please call us. We have a solution that can make your operations better and more efficient. It will cost you nothing. If you are another business that wants to help, join us. Start your own initiative. With enough of us pulling together we can move mountains. The times they are a changing!


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API (application processes interface) uses to connect to company applications, added a secured Deal-Room/Data-room, bidding system, and allow external users to log in to their dedicated data-room.

Now the company can have (BI) Business Intelligence processes with Reports and AI (artificial Intelligence) integration for document analysis and data extraction processes.


opensourceCM is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. When uploading a text or MS Excel document the application performs OCR, indexing and then recreates each document as an HTML document allowing easy document comparisons (e.g., between MS Word and scanned PDF docs). It also has the capacity to find words, values, phrases, terms of art, or specific legal language within documents that are hyperlinked to the actual highlighted location in each document. This can be accomplished across document data sets that may comprise tens of thousands of documents. Furthermore, opensourceCM provides a contract authoring workflow, calendar and notifications workflow, support SSO (single sign-on), and encrypted secured access. The application offers the ability to simply create Negotiation Deal-Rooms and Users Data-Rooms (internal/External) or Flexible Bidding System with Advance Q&A. We offer an API (Application Processes Interface) Library like office 365, BOX.COM, Salesforce, MS-Dynamics, NetSuite, OKTA, Dropbox, DocuSign to mention just a few.


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