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OpenSource Adopts Zadara Storage VPSA™

"openSource Inc has upgraded its cloud storage capabilities by implementing the Zadara Storage Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA™) running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. By providing a separate Enterprise storage cloud in conjunction with the AWS public cloud, ZadaraStorage provides unparalleled configuration flexibility, giving openSource full user control and more predictable Quality of Service (QOS) with the security of a private data center array. This works as if openSource had bought a physical storage system inside of the AWS public Cloud. Nathan Brand, openSource VP of Engineering, cites that “VPSA remote mirroring and replication wills allow our team to implement seamless failover and quickly switch applications among AWS regions should it be required. It is of paramount importance to be able to get openSource up and running quickly in a different region in disaster recovery situations, in response to shifts in regional demand, or during network outages or slowdowns. The ability to directly manage database clustering for its critical business applications also provides true high availability and full control of storage within the AWS environment.“

"openSource is a classic customer for our VPSA service. We built VPSA for innovative companies who wish to take advantage of the public cloud and require performance, reliability, QoS, privacy and enterprise features, all the while without compromising flexibility, elasticity, or scalability," said Noam Shendar, Zadara Storage VP of Business Development. "We look forward to continuing to enable their success."

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