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Blog Title: Managing Contract Life Cycles with opensourceCM

Blog Introduction: As a general counsel, chief technology officer, or chief financial officer, you understand the importance of managing a contract life cycle. It’s not just about the initial creation and negotiation of a contract; it’s also about managing that contract over its entire life cycle. Many organizations are turning to opensourceCM for their Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) needs.

What is opensourceCM?

opensourceCM is an enterprise-level CLM software solution with core capabilities that enable users to request, create, manage negotiations, approve workflows, store, search, and analyze contracts. It also enables users to update or renew a contract when necessary easily. The platform was designed with ease of use in mind and provided an intuitive user experience that makes it simple to access all of your contracts in one place.

Who Should Use OpensourceCM?

OpensourceCM is designed for any organization looking to streamline its CLM process and increase efficiency across its legal department. It can be used by GCs, CTOs, and CFOs who need a reliable way to track contracts throughout their lifecycles. Additionally, it can be used by marketers or salespeople who need to quickly access contracts without searching through multiple systems or folders on their computers.

How does OpensourceCM Help?

OpensourceCM helps organizations save time and money by streamlining their CLM process. Its advanced analytics capabilities can provide automated risk scoring so organizations can quickly identify potential risks associated with specific contracts before they become a problem. Additionally, its intuitive design makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for without wading through complicated menus or confusing search results. Finally, its secure cloud storage capability ensures that all of your data remains secure while still being accessible from anywhere at any time.


Managing the contract life cycle doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With opensourceCM as your CLM software solution provider, you can rest assured that your contracts will be managed efficiently and securely throughout their entire lifecycles—from creation until renewal or termination! So if you’re looking for a reliable CLM solution that is easy to use and provides advanced analytics capabilities, look no further than opensourceCM! Start using opensourceCM today and see how much easier managing your contract lifecycle can be!


The opensourceCM platform provides CEOs with tactical and strategic insight into all deals and contracts across the organization.

Full visibility of all aspects of contract activity: a realistic picture of the business


The opensourceCM platform provides CFOs with the transparency required for effective financial oversight of company contracts.

Automated, comprehensive reports “float up” sensitive or high-impact contracts for CFO attention.


The opensourceCM platform provides General Counsels with the oversight needed to manage risk more efficiently, reduce exposure, and improve compliance.


The opensourceCM platform provides contract managers the efficiency they demand, giving them greater control over contracts and accelerating contract development, negotiation, and execution.


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