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Open Source CM is the most affordable solution in the market.

How Much Value We Provide? The Truth Is In Our Pricing Structure!

Shopping online for contract management software for your business can be tedious and confusing, as is the process when searching for any software as a service. However, implementing a contract management system as part of your software stack will exceed your expectations.


The ability to automate all stages of a contract with reliable oversight is the future of creating, tracking, and certifying your contracts’ lifecycles.

What should you look for when debating on the contract management software and provider that is, and who is, right for you?

Part of the solution to that question is knowing your company’s pain points.

Where in your contract lifecycle processes does your business need to improve?

Is it during the negotiation stage? With openSourceCM’s contract compare feature, we give your company the ease of access to ensure when negotiating, you don’t get the short end of the stick by comparing current terms and clauses against old contracts.

As one other example: Does your business face a pain point in the execution stage of a contract’s lifecycle? Are those you choose to partner with meeting (or not meeting) deadlines? Is there a way in which you can better stay on top of it and hold them accountable?