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Lockheed Martin Secures Torpedo Contract with U.S. Sea Naval Systems

Many defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin, are struggling to keep revenue high during a time where expenditures by the United States government continue to decline. Despite layoffs late last year, Lockheed Martin was able to post a 23 percent profit in quarter earnings, Fox Business reported. This could be due to the fact that the defense contractor was able to renew its MK-48 torpedoes contract with U.S. Sea Naval Systems, among other partnerships. Lockheed Martin has been the Navy's supplier of underwater weapons and torpedoes since 2007. Throughout this time, it is likely that representatives from both entities worked to assure good contract life management (CLM) practices were

No openSource Vulnerability From Heartbleed Flaw

Global attention has recently focused on a security vulnerability caused by the "Heartbleed" software flaw, an Open SSL bug that can make customer password and credit card data accessible to hackers. Upon learning of this flaw, openSource immediately reviewed its Open SSL update history. To our great relief, we discovered that our conservative policy with regard to Open SSL updates has resulted in avoidance of this problem. openSource sessions continue to be encrypted without "Heartbleed" vulnerability and all passwords remain highly secure through our use 1048 bit encryption. We hope that this report eases any concerns you may have. Thank you for being an openSource customer. The openSource


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