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Navigating opensourceCM’s Key Features

The opensourceCM (contract management) solution offers a number of game-changing features that make it easier than ever to manage contracts effectively. Its SaaS program makes it possible to scale your operations up or down as necessary while maintaining high levels of security and while offering multiple options for sharing important documents. Features like contract profile make it easy to create new contracts using a consistent formula across the board. These are just a few of the ways that opensourceCM is leading the way in contract management software. Contract Sharing Depending on your industry, a single contract may be linked to multiple service providers, vendors or managers. Each in

6 Reasons Contract Management Simplifies the Contract Process

Effective contract management software eliminates confusing dialogue during negotiations and results in a time-saving, less cumbersome contract execution. The process allows for instant verification of contract compliance by all parties and can highlight actionable opportunities. Larger companies have hundreds of active contracts in place and potentially thousands in their archives at any time. Searching for details of any present or future contract is usually a tedious, labor-intensive chore when contract management and oversight are manual. 1. Reduces Wasteful Negotiating Time Contract negotiations between two companies can be very confusing without a clear protocol and a single current an

How a Contract Management System Improves ROI

Contract management is a necessary function for businesses having a high number of active contracts. Overseeing compliance and execution of contracts ensures that obligations stated by negotiated terms are satisfied. Without monitoring, sometimes these obligations are not completely satisfied, and revenues are lost. Loss of income negatively impacts the company’s ROI and profitability. Contracts may be with suppliers and vendors, partners, and even employees. Tracking predetermined performance metrics, such as volumes, service levels, quality, customer feedback, and more can be time-consuming. However, carefully monitoring performance in detail can save money, improve compliance, and provide


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