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Navigating opensourceCM’s Key Features

The opensourceCM (contract management) solution offers a number of game-changing features that make it easier than ever to manage contracts effectively. Its SaaS program makes it possible to scale your operations up or down as necessary while maintaining high levels of security and while offering multiple options for sharing important documents. Features like contract profile make it easy to create new contracts using a consistent formula across the board. These are just a few of the ways that opensourceCM is leading the way in contract management software.

Contract Sharing

Depending on your industry, a single contract may be linked to multiple service providers, vendors or managers. Each individual needs access to the contract at different levels. With opensourceCM all contracts are available in the cloud to be accessed by those who are involved in the work. However, you can easily set permissions internally to determine which people can make changes and which ones can only view the document. Changes that are made will be applied uniformly to the contract in the cloud so that all users will have the most current version available. In addition, any time the contract is viewed or changed a log is created to track accountability between parties.

Contract Profiles

Contract profiles make it easy to streamline your contract writing process by creating forms that accurately reflect the different needs of each department. For instance, contracts with vendors require different information than contracts with clients. Some industries even need different contracts for corporate and individual clients. Each contract profile is dedicated to a specific type of contract so you can fill in the blanks without having to start from scratch. These templates make it easy to search and locate contracts based on content.


Another key feature of opensourceCM is the ability to completely customize your reports and alerts. While some metrics are universal for measuring productivity and success, others are specific to your industry and utilize industry-specific jargon. With opensourceCM you can change labels and create your own reports that use the language of your industry so everyone will understand. In addition, you can schedule contract updates and reminders to contact the appropriate parties on a timeline that you set. There is even a contract negotiation “room” that allows parties to re-evaluate contract terms in a closed environment.

There are many other features within opensourceCM to enhance the way you handle contracts.

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