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Is SharePoint a reall CLM solution?

About 64% of our new clientele is coming either from SharePoint, Box or other similar cloud based "repository" solutions only because they eventually understand that they don't get what they wish for when it comes to managing their contracts and related documents. It is important to highlight this issue in order to try and prevent other legal counsels and IT managers to do the same mistake decision makers in other companies do when using SharePoint/Box or other "document applications" alternatives as their CLM solution. Why did our customers who tried to use SP as their CLM system preferred to move to opensourceCM? Here are some authentic testimonials and solid reasons that: - Your users (es

The opensourceCM Marketing Team is Hiring

The opensourceCM marketing team is looking for energetic people with passion and an innate drive to excel. As one of our marketing team, you’ll report to the VP of Business Development and be responsible for driving the marketing processes of our cloud-based Contract Management solution from lead generation to deal close. We’re looking for more than a traditional marketing function: you must have the ability to act independently in an unstructured environment, operate proactively, and have a passion and appreciation for the vision and mission of the company. OpensourceCM is an "out of the box" as well as tailor made and sophisticated CLM application. It already offers solution in the governm

Key Factors in a CLM Software

Contract lifecycle management software addresses the needs of today’s organizations to achieve the most value possible from their agreements. CLM solutions should help to mitigate risk, control spending, enforce compliance, and identify opportunities. Automated and predefined processes created by CLM "machines" provide the necessary oversight and control to craft better contracts and verify that contractual obligations are fulfilled. What are the key factors when choosing your CLM solution? Adaptability. It is far more easy and worthwhile implementing a software capable of adapting existing organizational business processes than implementing a solution that requires users to change their tra


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