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Key Factors in a CLM Software

Contract lifecycle management software addresses the needs of today’s organizations to achieve the most value possible from their agreements. CLM solutions should help to mitigate risk, control spending, enforce compliance, and identify opportunities. Automated and predefined processes created by CLM "machines" provide the necessary oversight and control to craft better contracts and verify that contractual obligations are fulfilled.

What are the key factors when choosing your CLM solution?

  • Adaptability. It is far more easy and worthwhile implementing a software capable of adapting existing organizational business processes than implementing a solution that requires users to change their traditional way of "doing things". Furthermore, if most of your processes are working fine and all you seek is to automate them there is no real reason to change them.

  • Simplicity. Perhaps the # 1 reason for users not use new software is the functionality barrier. If your solution is not user friendly enough, if you cannot handle it intuitively, using logical trial and error operations then you will get frustrated and go back to your old habits.

  • Performance. The goal of a good CLM solution is basically to improve your "quality of life" in terms of handling all contractual documentation in the organization.

  • Opportunity to evolve. In time, while using the CLM application and understanding the way it operates, many organizations seek additional services from the application since they find it beneficiary. SSO is by far one of the features that most companies elect to choose as well as connectivity to Docusign and SaleForce.

  • Service. Perhaps it should be in the top of the list since it is the most important factor to insure a satisfied customer. People that can teach you how to make the best of your CLM preferences and automated it into the system.

OpensourceCM is an "out of the box" as well as tailor made and sophisticated CLM application. It already offers solution in the government sector, healthcare, finance, and many other sectors. Please talk to some of our references to hear an authentic review on how is it to use our solution. Otherwise you can schedule a 40 min. demo to give you a 20,000ft view on the system.

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