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Understanding openSourceCM's PoC phase

What is so unique in opensourceCM's Proof of Concept phase and why is it so important for a potential customer to engage in such a phase? Many software solutions today offer multiple features to their clients today, some use few and some use a wide variety of functionalities related to their more complex business processes. The bottom line is that when it comes to an application you can be sure that it is being used differently by each and every organization. From our proven record, we can tell you that our "opensource.CLIENT_A" account is designed totally different from our opensource.CLIENT_B account.

Every encounter with a new potential customer reveals just how differently every company manages its contracts, and how specific, product requirements can be. The opensourceCM PoC offer is built around the belief that in order to properly explore the business fit between a company's specific needs and an application designed to answer them, nothing beats the motto, "Seeing Is Believing". Our PoC offer is designed to provide our customers with the best understanding of what our platform has to offer them.

Here's how the process works:

Step 1 - Once approached by the customer we schedule a short online meeting designed to verify an initial business fit, and to get an understanding of their contract management requirements. During this meeting we also answer any question the customer brings up. If the potential customer likes what he sees we send him an MNDA and PoC offer.

Step 2 - A System Analysis. We interview relevant stakeholders of the customer in order to sketch the "organization language" foundation of the account. The customer sends us a batch of sample contracts with their related Meta-Data, as well as a sample of their preferred folder structure, a list of users, and role holders.

Step 3 - The Set-Up phase. We create the customer's account based on their requirements, using their files and meta-data, and then meet with them to demonstrate the account. The customer tests their account and experiences it, while we provide training and support to enhance this experience

The customer decides whether the solution offered by opensourceCM is right for them and accordingly sign a licensing agreement with opensource Inc.

In conclusion - The entire process from steps 1 through 3 should take no longer than 15 working hour (about 10 business days) depending on the customer's motivation to move forward. The last two steps are the heart of the PoC, and take as long as the customer needs to make an informed decision. In fact we find, that in many cases the requirement analysis process itself, can be a enlightening for the customers, since it requires them to accurately describe their own contract management process requirements. During this process more needs are often exposed, and new light is shed on the potential behind the advanced contract management.

To schedule a demo with us please contact and we will be happy to meet you.

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