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Welcome to the opensourceCM Deal Room blog!

OpenSourceCM: The All-in-One Contract Management Solution (include DEAL-ROOM)

is a critical aspect of any business, as it helps organizations manage the entire process of creating, executing, and managing contracts. An OpenSourceCM CLM platform is a software solution that streamlines this process, making it more efficient and effective.

With OpenSourceCM, businesses can manage the entire contract lifecycle from creation to negotiations to renewal, with a single platform that streamlines and automates the contract management process. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, OpenSourceCM provides the tools you need to manage your contracts efficiently and effectively.

A Deal Room? >> YES!

One of the key benefits of using OpenSourceCM is the ability to collaborate with all parties involved in the contract process. Our platform allows for secure and organized communication, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest information and can provide input and feedback as needed. Another advantage of OpenSourceCM is the ability to track and monitor the progress of contracts. With our platform, you can easily see where each contract is in the lifecycle, from negotiation to execution. This helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that contracts are completed on time.

Finally, OpenSourceCM also offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities. With our platform, you can easily generate reports and track key performance metrics, such as contract value, renewal rates, and compliance rates. This allows you to gain valuable insights into your contract process and make informed decisions to improve it.

Here are some of the key features offered by OpenSourceCM:

  1. Contract Creation: OpenSourceCM allows you to create and draft contracts, with templates and clause libraries for quick creation. You can also import existing contracts into the platform for management.

  2. Contract Approval Workflow: OpenSourceCM provides a flexible contract approval workflow that allows you to route contracts for approval, track the status of approvals, and manage contract sign-off.

  3. Contract Repository: OpenSourceCM offers a centralized repository to store and manage contracts, with search and retrieval capabilities, and access controls to ensure the security and privacy of your contracts.

  4. Contract Negotiation: With OpenSourceCM, you can negotiate contracts, track changes, and maintain a clear history of contract revisions, making it easier to manage the contract negotiation process.

  5. Contract Analytics: OpenSourceCM provides robust contract analytics capabilities, allowing you to track key contract metrics, analyze performance, and identify areas for improvement.

  6. Contract Performance Management: OpenSourceCM allows you to monitor and manage contract performance, with automated alerts and notifications, so you can ensure that contracts are performed as intended.

  7. Contract Obligation Management: OpenSourceCM provides tools to track and manage contract obligations, including renewal, termination, and amendment, so you can ensure that contracts are managed effectively throughout their lifecycle.

  8. Contract Risk Management: OpenSourceCM offers risk assessment tools and mitigation strategies, allowing you to identify and manage contract risks, and ensure compliance with contract terms and regulations.

  9. Integration: OpenSourceCM integrates with other tools and applications, such as ERP, CRM, and procurement systems, to enhance the user experience and streamline workflows.

We believe that OpenSourceCM is the best contract lifecycle management platform on the market. With our comprehensive and user-friendly tools, we can help you streamline your contract process and improve your overall business operations. Give us a try today and see the difference for yourself!



The opensourceCM platform provides CEOs with tactical and strategic insight into all deals and contracts across the organization.

Full visibility of all aspects of contract activity: a realistic picture of the business


The opensourceCM platform provides CFOs with the transparency required for effective financial oversight of company contracts.

Automated, comprehensive reports “float up” sensitive or high-impact contracts for CFO attention.


The opensourceCM platform provides General Counsels with the oversight needed to manage risk more efficiently, reduce exposure, and improve compliance.


The opensourceCM platform provides contract managers the efficiency they demand, giving them greater control over contracts and accelerating contract development, negotiation, and execution.


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