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How Contract Management Benefits opensourceCM’s Industries

Contract management software (CMS) has far reaching applications, suited for a wide variety of industries. The proper software can make a huge impact on everything from healthcare to publishing to retail. Each of these industries faces its own challenges, and CMS meets those challenges with a framework that can be applied systematically for success.

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Media and Publishing

People utilize more information today than at any previous point in history and we demand up-to-date information on nearly every topic. Publishers and media conglomerates fight to stay ahead of the news and the vast amount of information being put into print. With opensourceCM software, you’ll have the tools necessary to quickly create, sign and update contracts as the information landscape rapidly evolves. By utilizing contract templates and instant data sharing, it is possible for publishers and media organizations to eliminate unnecessary delays and extra steps so they can cut straight to the details.


The healthcare industry is easily one of the most contract-heavy industries in the world. Contracts between prescription drug manufacturers, suppliers, healthcare providers, insurance agencies and more can quickly overwhelm the system. opensourceCM helps alleviate this problem by providing organizational processes to keep contracts in order and flowing smoothly. Alerts can be sent out to notify affected parties when changes are coming or when a deadline is approaching.


Retailers depend on commercial real estate contracts, vendors, and e-commerce networks to run their businesses; large scale operations also include contracts with franchisees and managers to keep things going. opensourceCM provides a single hub for managing contracts with retail locations around the globe. It also allows you to create sets of data based on regions or individual stores for analysis.

Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

In an industry fraught with legal requirements and a need for consistent reporting, finance professionals can greatly benefit from opensourceCM’s platform. By tracking compliance and making it simpler to manage audits, you can save time and focus on keeping up with the competition.


Education is another industry that relies heavily on outside contractors and faculty contracts to get the job done. Most notably, education institutions work closely with financial institutions, publishers and service providers to provide opportunities to their students.

opensourceCM is contract management software that is flexible enough to handle the diverse needs of all these industries, but also improves upon basic requirements to simplify the contract management process overall.

Click here to request a free demo and talk to us to understand the benefit of CLM for your company .

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