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CLM as an Add-On Solution?

White label solution is an add-on to the services you provide, via automated process or manually. When adding the client's documents, and their meta-data (securely), with added calendar and notification process as well as the search and reports (BI) you can replicate the UI experience your users have by adding supported back-end services.

Corporate Legal, Finance and IT want to consolidate user experience with the availability of data from all company systems. Connection to your branded company secured login, company email used, company dedicated workflow, and/or approval processes, and the list can go on.

Company internal control on features used or developed, control support and training as well as a configuration that fits the company demands. By putting the company admins in the control allowing management of user's efficiency and performance as part of the company's internal audit of quality performance. A great benefit to legal and finance.

The company can elevate the value of features like tracking, notifications, verification, and audit. Add 127 languages support, search "inside the documents" and all in control of their access rights.

Unique company internal DOCUMENT CREATION Workflow with integrated O365, versions control, self-service contracts process, use of templates, and added clauses library workflow. Sync to google docs or or other documents cloud services that can add documents directly to the backend repository.

This can be an add-on service - When your company is providing data services to its clients and can benefit from connecting client's contracts via API and managing them in a professional CLM platform.


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API (application processes interface) uses to connect to company applications, added a secured Deal-Room/Data-room, bidding system, and allow external users to log in to their dedicated data-room.

Now the company can have (BI) Business Intelligence processes with Reports and AI (artificial Intelligence) integration for document analysis and data extraction processes.


opensourceCM is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. When uploading a text or MS Excel document the application performs OCR, indexing and then recreates each document as an HTML document allowing easy document comparisons (e.g., between MS Word and scanned PDF docs). It also has the capacity to find words, values, phrases, terms of art, or specific legal language within documents that are hyperlinked to the actual highlighted location in each document. This can be accomplished across document data sets that may comprise tens of thousands of documents. Furthermore, opensourceCM provides a contract authoring workflow, calendar and notifications workflow, support SSO (single sign-on), and encrypted secured access. The application offers the ability to simply create Negotiation Deal-Rooms and Users Data-Rooms (internal/External) or Flexible Bidding System with Advance Q&A. We offer an API (Application Processes Interface) Library like office 365, BOX.COM, Salesforce, MS-Dynamics, NetSuite, OKTA, Dropbox, DocuSign to mention just a few.



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