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openSourceCM connectivity to your account – A highly powerful tool

If you have a Box account, you probably are familiar with the merits of having a cloud based repository. So what is missing in Box when it comes to managing your contracts and other crucial document? Why adding a communication channel between opensourceCM and Box will boost your content management abilities thereby offering you basically the ultimate content management tool available today?

How does your opensourceCM complement your

First of all it’s a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system – it is focused on managing your most valuable legal files and documents. You already understand that if you don't manage this material well, your organization will end up losing money.

So, what are the vital capabilities that opensourceCM brings to

First, it offers the management tools and control of data about the contract terms, key dates, meaningful milestone, labilities, and other important financial issues, the reminders and reporting are also key.

Second, authoring ability – opensourceCM platform enables the creation of new documents from a template library formed by the organization. Documents can be created by populating data in predetermined fields as well as adding clauses from a clauses library or eliminating clauses. Users can utilize existing original contract templates to originate new contracts from within opensourceCM contract template folder.

Third, improving work flow by creating approval templates (who, what, when). These approval processes are based on contract type; they are associated with the corresponding contracts and all contracts' reviews and notifications keep the flow going. All approval routing is managed automatically and relevant stakeholders that are not involved in the direct approval process are notified as well.

Next, a sophisticated control of folder and documents access rights. Admin can decide who sees or who can edit what is in a folder, or even the meta data security level.

The alerts and events reminders for meaningful events in opensourceCM enables users to create contract event and associate those with the appropriate contract life flow by sending email notifications. The calendar entries will be automatically generated days or weeks prior to the related event. Events and dates reminders can be automatically generated for any meaningful action in the contract.

Also, the powerful and sophisticated elastic search in opensourceCM enables users to search within documents, including scanned PDF documents, for any word, phrase, language or value, allowing you to quickly find information across the entire document dataset that is not contained within metadata. Users discover liability issues quickly, allowing you to understand and mitigate risk more efficiently and effectively.

How does opensourceCM actually communicate with

The opensourceCM platform synchronize automatically to and from the Box system to opensourceCM. Once completed you immediately have full contract management capabilities on top of your Box. Basically we can use two method of synchronization.

Push to BOX. This option assumes that all contract documents are directly uploaded into the opensourceCM system, assuring that they are also stored within BOX, making it the comprehensive enterprise repository. Clicking a button within opensourceCM pushes all contract files into the appropriate folder with BOX, replicating the opensourceCM folder hierarchy. This can also occur automatically.

Pricing If you already have a Box account and you want to leverage your ability to manage you contracts efficiently while using your account with the opensourceCM solution we offer you now a one-time set up fee of $3,500 and a yearly annual licensing fee of only $5,000. Want to learn more? Contact Abraham Gershon:

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