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opensourceCM - A SaaS Contract Management Application On Time All The Time

SaaS applications have revolutionized the way businesses are being managed. The inherent benefits of online web-based services, assuming they work well, include the immediacy of the service, it's scalability, it's function as a centralized data hub, and pricing models. The cost of a subscription to such a web-based based contract management solution would be dwarfed by the associated savings in lost time.

Man hours, waiting time, location restrictions, and poor contract management are just a few of the issues SaaS solutions is making big changes to. To paint just a general picture of what I am talking about, let me just point out the areas that would most obviously be affected by the employment of such a service.

  • All contracts are available 24/7

  • Time to find contract is minimal

  • Time to search files is minimal

  • Authorized users can access contracts from any web connection

  • No wasting time on finding the most up-to-date version

  • Allways know where the contract is in the workflow

Obvioulsy moving a company's contracts into the cloud calls for considerations beyond the obvious ones, stated above. However, time and again I run into questions and requests regarding wasted time and effort, so much so that I am left with the feeling that these issues are monumental when dealing with contract management. The actual term 'management' implies order and punctuality. The 'other' considerations regarding a move to the cloud are usually security regualtions, and just trusting your company's contracts to an outside organization. So assuming you've found your way beyond these, the benefits just stack up.

Go ahead, ask yourself how much time is wasted in your organization on any one of the items I listed above. Then ask me how this time can be saved, I'll be happy to show you how.

The opensourceCM SaaS based solution provides a (single sign on) and encrypted secured access. If you need a Negotiation Deal-Rooms and Users Data-Rooms (internal / External) or Flexible Bidding System with Advance Q&A and API (Application Processes Interface) Library with office365, BOX.COM, SalesForce, MS-Dynamics, NetSuite, OKTA, QuickBooks, Zoho CRM, Dropbox, DocuSign to mention just a few.

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