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Turning Legacy Applications into History

So why are so many organizations still employing legacy applications when it comes to handling their most important inside business intelligence asset? Is it because they adopt the conservative approach of "if it isn't broken, don't fix it"? Or are they simply afraid their current Frankensteinian contract management solution will turn on them?

The fear of touching an old ticking time bomb can paralyze many into passive submission, while solutions whose functionality hangs on a thread can make even the most astute decision makers hold their breath...for a long time.

After realizing just how difficult it is for organizations to separate from their outdated legacy contract management solutions, the conversion of opensourceCM application (for many) should start with a very soft landing. When asked what makes us stand out as a company, I always choose to give our long feature list a second seat to our commitment to conversion of the fearful into contract management evangelists, by means of positive experience, and measurable results. Our sales process is a testament to this statement.

The benefits derived from shedding outdated piecemeal solutions are so obvious there is no point in going into them, hence the task at hand is to gently guide those caught in the net of legacy solutions to safe harbor. I invite anyone interested in excorsing the ghouls that terrorize their contract management process, to start this non-commital process with us.

OpensourceCM can be an "out of the box" as well as a tailor made sophisticated CLM application. It is an enterprise level based CLM application offering a single sign on and encrypted secured access. Any folder in the platform can turned into a Negotiation Deal-Rooms available only to users permitted to access it. opensourceCM offers API (Application Processes Interface) connectivity to a wide variety of applications such as BOX.COM, SalesForce, MS-Dynamics, NetSuite, OKTA, QuickBooks, Zoho CRM, Dropbox, DocuSign to mention just a few.

opensourceCM already operates in the government sector, healthcare, finance, and many other sectors.

Please talk to some of our references to hear an authentic review on how is it to use our solution.

Otherwise you can schedule a 40 minutes demo to provide an overview of the system.

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