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UPDATED: White Label for Contract Management: What You Need to Know!

Contract management services are a great add on to the business and digital industry. With the growing phase, the white label for contract management has gained a lot of progress. You can buy a “White Label Brand” to a company, and with the ability to reach more significant markets, woo-hoo :) … read on for more details about it.

What is White Label Software/Service?

White Label software is a software or service that an organization can add to its product branding. It is where you purchase a White Label brand or “lease” it for a shorter period, like a few years. Subsequently, you use the label or brand as your own. White label software as a Service (SAAS) where the brand is yours, and you have purchased and expanded an add on to your brand.

The White Label meaning is that the product is unbranded to the reseller where they can put their brand name or tag on it and use it as they are the service and customer relationship providers.

White Label Contract Management modules:

  1. Secured Library repository

  2. Multiple upload options

  3. Extensive Authoring/templates

  4. Inclusive Calendar module

  5. Accurate search and reports

  6. The complete Admin control module

  7. Account dedicated widgets

  8. Workflow module

  9. Extensive API library

  10. Help and Support modules.

Now we know the White Label meaning. The White Label contract could include the following:

· Company branded CLM.

· Company controls all of the customer relations.